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M7RX – Led Lenser


This handsome multi-function torch has up to 10 micro-chip controlled light options and an intelligent, environment-friendly recharge capability. It incorporates Advanced Focus optics for universally consistent light from flood to spot, beaming intense white light up to 280 metres at a maximum 400 lumens and 40 hours burn time. A comprehensive Smart Light Technology suite includes energy modes to regulate power usage and up to eight Light Options across three pre-set Light Programmes. The rechargeable nature of this torch eliminates the need for disposable batteries and thus helps make it that little bit more sustainable and easier on the planet. It uses a single rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and Low Battery Message System to indicate when charging is necessary. The ‘stow-and-go’ Floating Charge System, one of the most effective contact chargers in the world, conveniently allows the battery to be charged without removing it from the housing.

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The LED Lenser M14X is the brightest lamp of the M Series. If you like extreme, you are going to love this lamp. A new High Power LED makes sure that the compact flashlight receives a multitude of the lighting power of the LED Lenser M14. The new performance dimension is creatively emphasised by the titanium coloured ring.

The character of the light cone is particularly remarkable, due to the large illuminated area of the extreme power chip. At close range, the LED Lenser M14X scores with a homogeneous lit area and a larger angle of reflected beam. In the focused position it reaches the same impressive beam distance as its predecessor. In addition, it has more than enough lighting power to generously illuminate the landscape outside the focused area.

The LED Lenser M14X is equipped with the most comfortable attributes of the M Series: Typically applicable light programs (Smart Light Technology), comfortable one hand focusing (Speed Focus) and the patented Advanced Focus System are only a few advantages.

With the LED Lenser M14X you receive a compact power package, where extreme light performance comes first.

LED Lenser M Series –
Diverse settings call for individual light programmes.

Accordingly, our light designers created Smart Light Technology. Its basis consists of computer optimised microcontrollers that are a component part of all M Series products. The result is a symbiosis of many different light programmes and easy control via one single push button. In addition, the intelligent microcontroller, core piece of Smart Light Technology, also optimises energy consumption. With that, we set new standards in the fields of modern control and compact design. Technology and design in perfect harmony.

Lumens Burn Time Dimensions Weight Power Supply
400 Up to 40 hours 162mm x 37mm 208gms 1 x L-ion 3.7v Battery

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Weight 208 kg
Dimensions 162 × 37 × 37 cm


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